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PayGo Implementation

Designed to deliver your business requirements.

A Broad Range of Expertise at Your Disposal

PayGo works with our clients throughout implementation to ensure business requirements are fulfilled. The PayGo team leverages years of experience and applies it throughout the entire process, from blueprinting to go-live. We not only help facilitate the PayGo components of the solution but also the entire Prepay business and technical environment.


Rate approval, consumer protection rules, and familiarity with energy efficient standards are critical elements of the business planning phase. PayGo leadership has a track record of working with clients to help prepare and deliver testimony to Utility Commissions enabling approval of Prepay.

Business Rules

Rate structures, moratoriums, tax and adder considerations, bill messaging and minimum payments are a few of the key elements that our solution integrates on behalf of the utility. The PayGo system is flexible enough to meet your specific needs. We know what has worked for other utilities and we leverage that experience and know-how to cut down on time to market.

Marketing Analytics + Channels

Customer analytics, pilot considerations, deposit replacement programs, messaging, social media and channel strategies are core marketing components where PayGo can help you achieve successful program outcomes.

Call Center Integration

IVR strategy, CTI/Screen display, separate agents, training process, metrics and escalations are key pieces of the integration puzzle. Our expert team can help lead you through this process. Already up and running with a call center program? PayGo can enhance your efficiency and results. Whether it is optimizing call center scripts or providing one-on-one feedback to specific agents, our number one focus is to make your Prepay program successful.


Notification options, messaging content, frequency-method and low balance alerts are all options available to each client. PayGo will identify all relevant elements and incorporate them in your system configuration.

Revenue Management

Disconnect rules, balance transfers, payment processing, walk-in centers and payment arrangements are all critical decisions. How do you do it? What is best-in-class? What has PayGo seen work well? We address your options clearly and succinctly.

CheckOut By PayGo

CheckOut By PayGo

Part of our overall platform, CheckOut by PayGo is a utility payment solution with over 200,000 retail locations.

PayGo Utilities

PayGo Utilities

Metering and monitoring utility consumption for utility providers

What People Are Saying About PayGo

Ronnie Noble
“The number one thing customers like about Prepay is the ability to have control over their power bill and to be able to pay when they want to pay. They feel that’s an awesome ability that they’ve never had in the utility space.”
Ronnie Noble
Director, Customer Service Georgia Power
Carrie Harkness
“PayGo offers a total package that includes billing, payment, and customer notifications — and the solution is flexible enough to meet changing customer needs.”
Carrie Harkness
Consumers Energy
Liz Coyle
“The whole thing is just really terrific to me. What I love is that you’re going to get an alert that says, “You have $10 left. Based on your usage patterns that $10 is going to last you this long because it’s going to be hot.” It lets you actually see that, there’s a visual that goes with it. It takes that Smart Meter and makes the customer a smart user of that meter.”
Liz Coyle
Executive Director, Georgia Watch Consumer Advocate