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PayGo® Cloud CIS

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Why PayGo Cloud CIS

The marketplace for CIS solutions is missing something.  It's missing a solution that addresses today's utility customer.  Customers want more flexible billing and payment options, they want to do business without talking to a representative, they live in "real-time" and want 24/7 access to what they are spending.  

Today's CIS systems don't keep up with customers, so the utility struggles to keep up with their demands.  They hire more representatives in the call center or bolt on separate add-on technology which only makes delivering value more expensive and frustrating for everyone. 

PayGo Cloud CIS changes all that.  For the small to mid-size public utility, it delivers a single solution providing everything today's customer wants. 

Simply put, PayGo Cloud CIS is a single solution for prepay, postpay, and payment processing.  It leverages the utility's AMI investment to deliver the real-time experience customers expect and want.  The utility experiences greater customer satisfaction, a more flexible and robust toolset, and lowers technology risk and cost. 

PayGo Cloud CIS is a web-based (SaaS) customer information system which is part of a full meter-to-cash solution leveraging the current or upcoming AMI system, providing the right level of MDM functionality and supports high levels of customer engagement. 

Cloud/SaaS model

  • Hosted Solution – supports better support, upgrades and maintenance.
  • Leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Single or Multi-Service

  • Electric, Gas, Water, Wastewater, Sewer, Trash and Lighting


  • Integration to the AMI system or middleware for Meter Readings, Reconnects and Disconnects
  • Extensive library of API’s and webservices


  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial
  • Flat, Tiered, Percentage, and Time of Use
  • State, County, City, Municipal Tax capability


  • Integrate directly to head in system or other solutions
  • Supports multiple business rules for disconnects
  • Patented soft-arm capability to allow customer to initiate a reconnect

Customer Portal

  • View account status
  • Make online payments
  • Select notification options

CSR Portal

  • Single Sign On capability
  • Utility representative can view what the customer sees


  • Extensive billing and payments reporting
  • Integration to dashboards or other BI tools


  • Email, SMS, Outbound Voice and IVR
  • Account balance notifications
  • Two-Way Messaging to PAY bills


  • Extracts to Financial System
  • Tax Reporting

Collection Management

  • Configurable Payment Arrangements
  • Bad Debt lookup


  • Options include credit, debit, e-check, cash
  • Over 75,000 retail locations accept cash
  • Text Pay
  • Autopay or Auto Reload

Change Management

  • Online Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Smart Videos