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Pay Where You Shop

CheckOut by PayGo is the leading utility barcode based walk-in payment product

CheckOut by PayGo

Give Customers Control Over Where and How They Pay


CheckOut by PayGo is a patent pending payment solution. The solution is part of the overall PayGo payment platform for both Prepay and Postpay bills which utilizes the regular checkout lane at over 50,000 retail locations across the US and Canada. The partner network already manages 1 billion payments per year totaling $21B in total payments.

More than 50,000 Participating Locations in the US

And More

How It Works

Customer Obtains Barcode

Customer gets their unique real-time barcode.  Once the barcode is received via email, the customer can print out the barcode or use on your mobile device.

Go Shopping, Bring Barcode

Customer shops at their favorite stores from over 50,000 of our retail locations across the US.

Scan Items & Barcode at Checkout

Once customer is ready to pay at the checkout line, just simply scan your unique barcode on either your phone or printed out barcode and your bill is paid.  That simple.

Get Real-Time Validation

Once the bill is paid, CheckOut gives the customer real-time verification that their payment has been approved.  Simultaneously, the utility company receives verification and the account is updated. 

With CheckOut by PayGo, Customers & Billers Win

Pay utilizing a barcode on their phone, utility bill or even a plastic loyalty card.

One barcode for all stores such as 7 Eleven and Family Dollar, some open 24/7.

Real time account validation along with real time utility payment posting

Multiple UPC choices available

PayGo is the utility market leader for real time, barcode based cash payments

Customers pay when and where they like, making utility payments more reliable.

Significantly reduces the need to maintain expensive utility payment sites

Unique configuration of minimum and maximum payment amounts

CheckOut by PayGo

Sign Up Today.  Everybody Wins!


Not only can customers pay when and where they like, but they also make payments more reliably. This increases customer satisfaction and helps to stabilize payment recurrence. This system perfectly augments existing payment channels used by the utility, and with a standard statement of work there may be no costs to setup the program.

Video: “How CheckOut Works”

Pay Where You Shop with CheckOut by PayGo

What People Are Saying About PayGo

Ronnie Noble

“The number one thing customers like about Prepay is the ability to have control over their power bill and to be able to pay when they want to pay. They feel that’s an awesome ability that they’ve never had in the utility space.”

Ronnie Noble

Director, Customer Service
Georgia Power

Carrie Harkness

“PayGo offers a total package that includes billing, payment, and customer notifications — and the solution is flexible enough to meet changing customer needs.”

Carrie Harkness

Consumers Energy

Liz Coyle
“The whole thing is just really terrific to me. What I love is that you’re going to get an alert that says, “You have $10 left. Based on your usage patterns that $10 is going to last you this long because it’s going to be hot.” It lets you actually see that, there’s a visual that goes with it. It takes that Smart Meter and makes the customer a smart user of that meter.”
Liz Coyle
Executive Director, Georgia Watch Consumer Advocate