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PayGo® Payments

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Payments Don't Have to be Painful


Payments are a pain, and they're expensive.  To the utility, it's often a confusing "black box" that makes it difficult to know exactly what your processing costs are.  In addition, it typically involves a "bolt-on" integration that requires too much care and feeding in terms of management and oversight.

From the customer perspective, it often feels like a disjointed user experience with multiple providers.

PayGo Payments changes all of that.  As an integrated part of PayGo Cloud CIS, it functions seamlessly as a single, unified customer experience and gives full visibility of cash flow, fees, and processing costs to the utility.

Customer or Utility Fee Model

PayGo can offer a customer convenience, or a utility absorb model. If a utility absorb model is chosen, a Utility rate can be secured.

PCI Compliant

PayGo provides an independent means of storing and tokenizing your customers’ payment data.  Our PCI certification gives you peace of mind. 


Credit card data is stored in encrypted form and a token is used when it is time to process a payment.  Customers can save their credit card detail without concerns of storing sensitive data.

Reconciliation & Settlements

Daily transaction reports for a comprehensive view of all payment activity.

Self Service Reporting

An online portal to view all payments broken down by individual transaction.

Recurring Payments

Ability for a customer to setup a payment method to automatically pay an invoice; or top up a prepay account with credit, debit or ACH.


Single Sign On capability using SAML 2.0

Card Present Support

Card Present Processing supporting EMV chip & PIN, EMV chip and magstripe transactions, as well as the broadest range of contactless NFC, mobile wallet and alternative payment methods.

Payment Types

Customers can pay via cash, debit, credit, or ACH either one time or on a recurring basis.

You can even receive cash payments at thousands of retail locations with CheckOut as well as full integration with kiosks.