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Everybody Wins. Including You.

Have you ever had a job where you really didn't feel like you were doing something that added much to the world? Do you want to be able to look back on a great effort and know your time was well spent?

PayGo is about engineering creative solutions for real people and the real world. We focus on the utilities space and what we do makes a real impact. Our systems help people who have difficulty sustaining their utilities services. It helps people just getting started learn how to manage and conserve our natural resources. It helps those of us who love data maximize our efficiency. It answers questions like how do I pay my utility bill? Where, and when? How can I use less energy? What are new ways to alert customers to service issues or options?

And as we like to say, "everybody wins". The consumer, the power company, and the environment we all share.

The problems we work on? Not easy, but time well spent. Work you can be proud of. A company you will be excited to tell other people about.

If thinking about these challenges and making answers happen is appealing to you, we might have an opportunity for you in our Alpharetta, Georgia location.

If software development, quality assurance, project management, or production support is your thing, let us know. We’re hiring!

The PayGo Team

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Ted Vann explains a critical role

The Future

Dave Elve and his surprise job offer

Everybody Wins

Liz Coyle on improving people's lives

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    PayGo is a team of accomplished individuals who understand how to deliver utility solutions that enable better service.



    Industry professionals, advocates and consumers are all talking about PayGo. Watch and listen to some of their stories.



    Please use this page to contact us for more information about PayGo and the services we provide.



    PayGo Utilities is conveniently located in the northern Atlanta Metro area, with easy access to Hartsfield–Jackson.

    What People Are Saying About PayGo

    Ronnie Noble

    “The number one thing customers like about PrePay is the ability to have control over their power bill and to be able to pay when they want to pay. They feel that’s an awesome ability that they’ve never had in the utility space.”

    Ronnie Noble

    Director, Customer Service
    Georgia Power

    Carrie Harkness
    “PayGo offers a total package that includes billing, payment, and customer notifications — and the solution is flexible enough to meet changing customer needs.”
    Carrie Harkness
    Consumers Energy
    Liz Coyle
    “The whole thing is just really terrific to me. What I love is that you’re going to get an alert that says, “You have $10 left. Based on your usage patterns that $10 is going to last you this long because it’s going to be hot.” It lets you actually see that, there’s a visual that goes with it. It takes that Smart Meter and makes the customer a smart user of that meter.”
    Liz Coyle
    Executive Director, Georgia Watch Consumer Advocate